Obama Calls France Strongest Ally But France....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Feb 14, 2011.

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  2. And if anti-Americanism is alive and well among surprisingly mild-mannered people in Britain - how much more virulent must it be in tougher parts of the world?

    And Paris. Paris? Yes Paris - where it all began.

    Anti-Americanism was born in France. And here's a fascinating fact: it was born well before the United States existed. It was not caused by Coca-Cola, or McDonald's, or Hollywood or George W Bush.

    The prevailing view among French academics throughout the 18th Century was that the New World was ghastly. It stank, it was too humid for life to prosper. And, as one European biologist put it: "Everything found there is degenerate or monstrous."

    In their heart of hearts, many French people still believe that to be true.

    A French intellectual once compared the United States with Belgium. Wounding. But you see what he meant: the French capital has a grandeur about it that demands attention on the world stage. Belgium does not, nor does most of America.

    Washington is grand but Washington was designed by a Frenchman and his vision didn't fit the rest of the nation. America is ordinary. Go on say it out loud on the streets of Paris: "America is ordinary".

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    Our strongest ally? Incredible!
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    France hates Bush. Obama hates Bush. Therefore Obama loves France.

    The UK supported Bush. Obama hates Bush. Therefore Obama hates the UK.
  5. Worse. He's America's greatest enemy!

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    You are right. Obama has two lists. The Naughty List and the Nice List. And, there is no in between or moving from one list to the other. I'm sure I am somewhere near the bottom of his Naughty List if he has ever visited ET. :D