Obama calls for top India role at UN

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  1. Barack Obama, US president, has backed India for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council in a diplomatic finale to his three-day visit that highlighted the tightening relationship between the world’s two largest democracies.


    The charm offensive has a background. At least India´s currency policies are not as "counterproductive" as China´s....
  2. mahadiga


    UNSC is incomplete without the representation of 1+ billion people.
  3. Permanent seats are only reserved for the big 5 winners of WW2.

    Others who wish to aspire to that seat must prove themselves.
  4. The seats were won with blood and millions of lives. You need to fight for it, with gun and bombs not sweet talk.
  5. I did not know this. Thanks for the information. I thought the Permanent UNSC seats were not that important.