Obama Calls Biden: "Screw This Up And We Are Both Fired"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. pspr


    President Obama called Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday afternoon to <s>wish him good luck</s> tell him he had better not screw up at his debate against Paul Ryan.

    A campaign official confirmed the call, which took place as Obama flew to Miami for an afternoon of campaign events.

    Biden spent about an hour touring the debate hall here at Centre College, and is spending the rest of the afternoon and evening at a local <s>supporter's home</s> bar. He'll be with family and friends.

  2. Mav88


    I wish I could meet with Biden beforehand and offer a toast to success ... or two, or three
  3. Lucrum


    How do you know he hasn't already toasted to success, repeatedly?
  4. pspr


    You would make him late to the debate!
  5. Mav88


    yeah, like the old saying, it's noon somewhere
  6. pspr


    From this story it looks like they want Biden to go after Romney as a liar and try to promote Obama's track record. They must have reached the point that they believe their own bull shit.

    This could turn really ugly for Biden if Ryan is ready to defend the Romney plans and attack the lies Obama has perpetuated about his own programs. If Biden gets flustered this could be the most hilarious debate of all time.

  7. Mav88


    Leaked from Biden camp- smokin Joe is going to pull out the old demo VP debate howitzer on Ryan, with Joe's own twist

    Ryan: "ask not what your country can do for you..."

    Biden: "I know Jack Daniels, Jack Daniels is a friend of mine, you congressman are no Jack Daniels"

    **expected hoots and cheers**
  8. Biden will make mincemeat of this smarmy unctuous disingenuous Irish fool.
  9. TGregg


    Dunno about the story, but that might be a solid plan - or at least the best they have. If Joe the Gaffer can pull off something reasonable, then the MSM can cover him. Still, I am seeing signs that the MSM is not willing to sell the remainder of their "integrity" in an effort to push The One into term 2. Maybe that's `cuz they thought (after debate 1) he was toast and maybe Clueless Joe will do enough to sway them back. Maybe not.

    Glad I am not Clueless Joe though. You just know that if he blows it, the MSM will blame him for the election loss. Sometimes the VP job is not quite as nice as the Whitehouse Janitor's job. And it's not just democrats. Quayle got screwed too. Sure, he wasn't presidential material (nor is Clueless Joe), but . . . well. . . OK, maybe both these guys are serious losers as far as politicos go. But we all know upper management types who are bigger dolts. By "we all" I mean, other than ricter, IQ47, brass and the usual looney tune brigade of course.
  10. lol, no way bongo.
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