Obama busses in protesters to Wisconsin

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  1. Bush caused this mess. It didn't happen over-night. You understand the whole system is fucked right?
  2. Oh here we go. Cry babies are coming out of the woodwork. Previous mess caused by Bush coming home to roost. Democrats swept it under the rug 2 years ago and are a bunch of liars.

    But those are facts. You guys wouldn't understand that. Requires you to think for yourself.

    Straight line all the way baby! Right into the oblivion. Get some help.

    I used to think people in other countries had it all wrong. USA in fact IS a pile of shit and you political retards are to blame. It's embarrassing to live here.
  3. Roark


    You could move.
  4. The USA is a great country. We have wonderful TV shows like Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, and Real Housewives of New Jersey...you call that embarassing?
  5. LOL. Well, there are exceptions as you pointed out. I stand corrected.
  6. lol.

    We used to be known for our "apple pie" since replaced by a twinkie.
  7. Bush caused this? Huh? Bush had nothing to do with the bogus contracts the teachers and others in the public sector unions bought from demoshams 30 years or so years ago in Wisconsin. Alot of these people can retire at 56 years old with full pension and health benefits. Let alone quite a few pay nothing or next to nothing for their benefits or pensions while they are employed.
    What a stupid statement.


    Actually throughout the country there are those who can retire in their 40's that are part of unions. Think about that -- with life expectancy longer than ever people retiring in mid 40's could receive pensions and benefits for another 40 to 50 years. In other words they can work 25 (or more) years and get these generous packages. Then I see some of them coming back and double dipping -- getting hired back into whatever profession they were in as "consultants" or whatever. Meanwhile we have massive unemployment where recent college grads are displaced by these early retirees who want to get a 2nd income stream going.
  9. I dunno...I'm going with Palin and Rush are to blame.
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