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  1. You're f'n kidding me, right. The Prez is going out to "listen" to the people about jobs, or lack thereof. WTF? He's just getting to this? Is it possible that Obama is more tone deaf than Bush was? Apparently! A bus tour? This isn't the campaign trail Mr. President. You actually have to do something now that you're in charge of the whole god damn show. This country is so screwed!
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    Max E.

    On top of having term limits we should have limits for how long people currently holding a public office are allowed to campaign. We should make it so that they are only allowed to campaign for 6 months tops before an election.

    It is absolutely insane that we as tax payers are forced to foot the bill for the presidents security when he goes around the country campaigning for 2 years before an election. We also should not be forced to foot the bill for senators/congressmen who start campaigning just half way into their elected term. We as tax payers are literally paying these assholes to spend half their time in office on the campaign trail.

    Of course this would be bad for incumbents as people who are not currently holding an office would have a huge advantage so i doubt anything like that would ever gain any traction.

    Canada recently held a federal election, and it was done start to finish in 6 weeks, and i dont see anyone complaining about the lack of campaigning officials were able to do, the same goes for these special elections, i dont hear people bitching that they simply did not hear enough from the elected officials on the campaign trail when it gets done quickly like that.
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    What should he do?
  4. Go back to Africa.
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    Agree wholeheartedly. Bo is only pretending to be interested as part of his never ending campaign.

    Well...during WWII when a Japanese officer failed in his responsibilities he committed suicide.
  6. You know, sometimes the world is full of bullshit.

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    lol! Hari Kiri!

    Hai! Wakarimashta! Watashi-wa biru hoshii! :D

    Fuck Obamasan!
  8. Your Haiku has too many syllables in line 2.