Obama Budget: Irresponsible Or Deliberate And Malicious

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    Freshman GOP Senator Mike Lee (Utah) says President Obama's inability to get a budget passed last year may have been "deliberate."

    "It was either irresponsible on one hand or deliberate and malicious on the other with intention to bring about a sequence of events that would culminate inevitably in a government shutdown," Senator Mike Lee said on the Senate floor today.

  2. Confirms my sentiment. I'm begining to think Obama is an agitator. That's is all community organizers know how to do, stir things up.
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    Good Point.
  4. "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."
    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    The information you are revealing is over 60 years old, but thanks anyway.:)
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    In June, when Donald Trump declares his run for the presidency, it will be all over for Oduma!!!!!!!! Trump is surging in the polls, and can outspend Oduma by two, or even three to one. :D
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    The sentiment you are revealing is over 60 years old. The information, however, is current.
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    The dems really see shutdown as a clear victory. They are certain that it is 1997 and Newt Gingrich is Speaker of the House of Representatives.

    Obama is going to veto the bill that would fund the government for another week. That veto triggers the shutdown. Lacking proper parental supervision during his upbringing Obama was evidently never told that if you break it you pay for it.

    Obama wants a government shutdown because he thinks he will assign blame to the republicans who merely seek some small cuts to the $3.7T federal budget.

    This ain't 1997 and Obama ain't Bill Clinton.
  9. The blame rests on Pelosi and Reid.

    Eitherway the dems are spineless pussies as a group.
    Having the supermajority for 2 years they failed to execute period.

    These guys couldn't close a door... No confidence vote here on out.
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    Pspr has a point on this. Why didn't they utilize their supermajority to pass a budget? That is a very very good question. Did they possibly seek out this confrontation believing they couldn't lose?
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