Obama brought us back from the brink of Disaster

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. I gotta hand it to Obama...we were in terrible shape and on the brink of destruction and he pulled us out of it.

    I'm Not talking about the economy, I'm talking about the republican party!

    Thanks Obama. I didnt think we could come back so fast after 8 years of George Bush, but you got us back in just 1 year! Who would've thought that was possible?

  2. LOL ... and to top it he was the gun salesman of the year for 2009.

    You gotto love the sheer blind pride of the devilish ...
    they harm their agenda by nature and bring their own destruction.

    It is true "pride comes before destruction."

    Thank God !!! It is kinda like Gods "Self Cleaning Oven."

    I mean that in a good way. The baptism of fire for mankind is non-optional.

    There is the easy way: realize God is love and that passion purifies by fire.

    There is the hard way: Bitch and moan and complain while wondering in the desert of life.

    There is the ugly way: Everyone's works will be tested by fire.'

    Either way ... God's servants are flames of fire and He is a consuming fire ... "GOD IS LOVE."

    The whole planet has been baptised
    in Jesus the Word through creation
    in water at the flood
    in the Spirit on Pentacost
    and in fire at the end/new creation beginning.