Obama brings bi-partisanship to a whole new level

Discussion in 'Politics' started by drjekyllus, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Whoop whoop, raise da roof!
  2. When will the left and right wingers on ET stop with the National Enquirer headline threads about the many sins of Bush/Obama/Congress/Persons XYZ???

    If you want to discuss an issue, then bring it up and add something meaningful. But scanning the newswires for a flashy headline to bash whatever politician you have disdain for is not news, but noise.

    Personally, it has been decades since I personally have seen a President who seems like a great leader. You would think out of 300 million people, SOMEONE would be that way.

    But they either have serious morality problems (Clinton - "I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman" and Nixon - "I am NOT a crook...") or are not particularly bright (ok, Dubya) or win a Nobel for something they MIGHT do in the future (Obamania). George Bush Senior got the foreign relations aspect of the Leadership, but not the economic aspect. Carter? Ph.D. - so you gotta be smart, but just could not seem to get any respect (such as Iran releasing the hostages the day he left office). Gerald Ford? Even Carter said he had respect for his honesty when running against Ford, but seems like Ford kept tripping down airplane ramps and stuff like that. Etc. Etc.

    Doesn't Lincoln have a clone running around somewhere?
  3. I think you missed the point. BO ran a campaign where he said over and over that he was going to stop the partisan bickering and he was going to sweep in a new era of post-partisan politics then he gets into office and he is the biggest partisan of them all.
  4. as opposed to the other presidents, who worked closely with the other side, and kept their campaign promises?

    I cannot remember the last president I personally liked. They have a huge impact on us, and I try to be a good citizen. But the level of lying, misrepresentation, scandals, empty promises and hands in the til makes me wonder.

    I still remember Yassir Arafat with Bill Clinton at a press conference. Yassir looked really embarrassed as the press focused on Clinton's Talk about making us look like fools... I supported Bush going into Afghanistan due to 9/11, but Iraq? We should have been in and out of both countries in 3 months, mostly using air power to send the Taliban and Saddam military, party buildings and strong supporters back to the stone age. And then LEFT.

    What makes us think you can win the hearts and minds of any Islamic country you invade, regardless of how "good-intentioned" it looks? Any non-Islamic occupier will push together competing Islamic factions, just because you are "infidels."

    I am no Dem, but Clinton did a thing or two I thought courageous, like enacting NAFTA in league with Republicans, as his own Dems in Congress opposed him. All the union whiners about sucking sound of jobs, fail to realize that Americans will always consume X amount of goods - foreign or domestic. The question is, whether we want to sell ANY goods in other countries. That is what NAFTA was about.

    But again, a good man is hard to find...
  5. I think you missed that.

    1. NAFTA was the official(?) beginning of the outsourcing wave which crippled middle-class wage jobs in the USA. (Ross Perot was right.... had anyone been listening.)

    2. Americans ain't gonna consume SHIT if they don't have jobs.
  6. I listened to him and he was wrong. In fact, the analysis I saw of it is that it actually created a few American jobs. Hype, Fear and Panic has no relevance to Reality.
  7. harvard lawyer using a teleprompter all the time, something does not make sense here.... affirmative action comes to mind...