Obama Blames The Internet For Job Losses

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Obbeg, Feb 24, 2012.

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    I guess he'll blame the internet for when he loses his job in November! :D
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    Obama will resign because of internet. I mean he will resign because of all the information posted on the internet for Obama.
  4. Welcome back Bearice! Your like a flea!
  5. I just got a Groupon for a Thai facial.

    I think I'll pass..

    But there are jobs out there on the net.
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    Ahh...it's how the democrats continue to lie and mislead their voters.

    Pelosi blamed oil prices on speculations (this is getting very old from the liberals) yesterday...and odumbo blamed the GOP for higher gas prices yesterday!

    These people (democrats) are f*cking weasels. It's an embarrassment to this Country and the generations that came before us and built it!
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    his nick name should be obama blama..he blame everyone all the time,but himself..it's never his fault or mistake..blamer..man with no balls..ah..i forgot..he is a lawyer..and organizer..so it's kind of his specialty
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    Obama blames the internet, ATM machines and heavy machinery for job losses and say "it is all Bush's fault"

    Obama thinks American way of life never worked. He should be President of India where there is less need for technology and heavy machinery because India has highest man-power or population when compared to land mass.

    Obama wants "slave jobs" in USA because he says internet, ATM machines and heavy machinery cause job losses.
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    If Obama resigns, he can then blame Al Gore (The Great Internet Inventor) for his ouster.
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