Obama - Black or Arab?

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  1. Which one? Both? More of one or the other?

    Before all the Obama bots go into a frenzy and level charges of racism, I'm asking because my understanding was that he was half black, but I've been hearing he's actually more Arab than black. I wonder if Obama supporters even know what the reality is...?
  2. We are in dire straights. We don't know if the guy is black or arab, he has relatives all over the globe living in hovels, no one in this country knows where Hawaii is or if his birth certificate is credible.

    Paulson asks for 700b tax payer dollars, this will be chump change compared to the change we be getting with Obama's tax reditribution.

    Bloomberg want to run for nyc mayor 3rd term. Smart fiscal man is needed, I don;t think we are going to get best and the brightest in this Presidential election, except perhaps, McCain has the Keating experience, that's a qualifier.
  3. OMG, is he black or Arab?

    Now how will the klannish know who to vote against?

    If he is black, then they would be voting against one smart "nigger" and if he was an Arab then they would be voting against one smart sand "nigger"....

    Oh, the confusion....those poor republicans, an important issue like this will just make their tiny little heads explode:

    <img src=http://farm1.static.flickr.com/90/273969765_6f81580ef0_o.gif>
  4. "HONOLULU -- The state's Department of Health director on Friday released a statement verifying the legitimacy of Sen. Barack Obama birth certificate."

    This is an IQ test. How will you respond?
  5. Obama - Black or Arab?

    How about:

  6. Right on cue...

    Thanks, troll, for proving yet again what an imbecile you are.

    By the way, I find your use of the N word very offensive. Using quotation marks doesn't make it right. So how long have you hated black people?
  7. Nice dodge.
  8. I am quoting you, unless you are going to try and tell the world you have never said the word "nigger" or used the term "sand nigger."

    Tell the world you have never used those terms, no doubt the world will believe you...

  9. Don't try and dodge the topic kg, this is about race, not patriotism.

    How will you ever get ahead if you don't learn xenophobia?
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