Obama Birth Certificate Issue Goes to Hawaii Supreme Court

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    Interesting. I have been following the Berg case in federal court and was not aware of this case in Hawaii state court.

    Unfortunately today Berg's case was dismissed with the judge ruling that Berg lacks standing to bring the suit because he cannot illustrate harm received. It is not entirely over, as there is some question as to whether legally Obama has in the case actually admitted he is not a natural born citizen (a little confusing). Also Berg claims to have a tape of Obama's paternal grandmother in Kenya stating that she was at the hospital in Kenya to witness Barack's birth.

    Apparently there is another suit in Washington state court, and there may be others in other state courts.

    Obama and the DNC are using every legal angle to keep his vault certificate of live birth from being exposed. The issued version that has been circulating around the internet is irrelevant. One need not be a natural born American citizen (the constitutional requirement to become POTUS) to get a birth certificate in Hawaii. Only the vault version would identify whether Barack Obama is in fact a natural born citizen.
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    Just released: Berg is appealing his case to the US Supreme Court.
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    You don't read too well, do you? The birth certficate images on the internet are of an issued version. This is not the same as the original vault version which no one has seen, and is the focus of these law suits.

    Please pay attention...
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