Obama begs for donors as he warns he will be "first modern president to be outspent"

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  1. By Jon Swaine, Washington
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    In a phone call from Air Force One, the President reportedly told a group of top donors "I can't do this by myself" and urged them to open their cheque books to "meet or exceed what you did in 2008".

    Noting that most had "maxed out to my campaign last time," Mr Obama told them: "I really need you to do the same this time," according to a leaked transcript.

    Details of the call emerged days after Mr Obama warned supporters that he would be "the first president in modern history to be outspent" by his opponent unless donors upped their contributions.

    Mr Romney and his party raised $76 million (£49 million) for their campaign in May, while Mr Obama – who had not been out-raised in five years – brought in $60 million (£38 million) with the Democrats.

    Romney aides have boasted that their haul for June may exceed $100 million (£64 million), after being boosted by Right-wing anger over the Supreme Court's approval of Mr Obama's health care reforms.

  2. the President reportedly told a group of top donors "I can't do this by myself"

    No class at all.

    In reality, his people should be doing the begging, but Obama has no people. The worm is squirming. Michelle probably has already cut him off (back to not being proud of America), his kids are calling him a loser. Where's Oprah?
  3. pspr


    He also suggested in a speech that people getting married forgo any gifts and use the money to contribute to his campaign.

    Obama is one self centered SOB.
  4. "..... a donation in lieu of flowers"

    Sorry, Pop ......no flowers for you....:D