Obama beating Trump by 12

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    I think the numbers are even worse then that.... are you writing stuff off on that amount? Maybe it has something to do with albertas PST, but i remember the year i moved over to paying U.S. taxes, was right after the first year i made money trading. I made something like 110k and by the time i paid for CPP provincial and federal taxes it cost me 40k.
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  2. Obama is not my candidate,he is a fucking disgrace to the democratic party.I'd rather have Obama in office before an idiot like Trump though.I'd take Daffy duck before Trump as well
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  3. Savant


    No man they wont. You get a 91k reduction. (First 91k is tax free). Even then, if you are actually trading for a living there are LOTS of options to avoid things altogether if you aren't physically in the usa. You've got some faulty information somewhere. Trust me.

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  4. Ricter


    I assume you meant Alberta's "lack" of a PST. If so, that brings us to effective tax rates, and you're already living in a developed country with a low effective tax rate.
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    You bought him, he's yours. No returning him now. With you being a welfare queen, do you really care? I mean, honestly do you?
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  6. "Quote from Hello:

    It must make you liberal parasites incredibly proud that you are going to run in 2012, on stealing money from the people who earn in order to pay for those who dont. That is a noble platform you are running on, You guys are nothing more then a bunch of lowlife thieves.

    No cuts to medicare, and tax increases on the rich, its good to know that the pieces of dog shit like Obama actually care about fixing any of americas problems. "

    I wish the ignore function would ignore quotes as well but I'll respond to this bull shit

    This country was great under the 1950's tax rates.This country was great under Clinton tax rates.If you feel bringing back those rates is stealing ...well I don't give a fuck how you feel

    If you think that old people who cant work should have their access to health care taken away from them you are an even bigger piece of feces then I imagined
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    I've heard that there's no income tax in Texas, and that the property tax is very low there. Is that true? Does anyone know if TX property tax rates are fairly low? What about the sales tax, just curious.
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    91k tax free gets me precisely no where. But thx for the advice. :(
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    You do know that under Truman and Ike, nobody paid those marginally high tax rates. Same with Clinton, there are so many loop holes in the tax code for the rich, especially under Clinton. You really need to get a clue.
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  10. I see you have bought into the republicans bullshit that most of your tax dollars go to welfare.The GOP depends on the stupidity of people like yourself
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