Obama bans oil drilling for 7 years pissed off that he lost the house

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    What a f'ing retard this guy is.
  2. When there is a big earthquake under the sea/ocean waters, it will rupture/destroy the oil wells/reserves. Why blame BP and other oil companies for the oil spill.

    Earthquakes happen all the time under the sea/oceans. It is better to pump out as much oil as possible before an earthquake brings the oil to the surface.
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    Lets ban coal and oil drilling simultaneously while extending unemployment benefits indefinitely. While we're at it lets put every small farm in America out of business and force everyone into rationed government healthcare.
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    706 days until we can vote Ovomit out.
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    These liberals live in some sort of weird fantasy land. I really can't explain it, but clearly they either have no clue on some of the basic fundamentals of economics, or they are trying to hurt our economy. It's probably a little of both.
  6. In response to the ban on new drilling, who said the following:

    "I offer my praise for the new revised OCS drilling plan. It clearly reflects the lessons learned from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster and recognizes the inherent risks of drilling in environmentally restricted areas and where economic and national security interests are in conflict. The Defense Department has expressed strong reservations about drilling off Virginia's coast, finding it incompatible with military operations and readiness. With this action by the Secretary, no drilling will occur off the Mid-Atlantic and Virginia through 2017.

    "The announcement confines new drilling to areas adjacent to where drilling is already established and where the new Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOEMRE) and the oil and gas industry should be concentrating their resources to ensure another BP disaster is avoided."

    "I have long opposed drilling offshore, and included a congressional moratorium in the Interior and Environment Appropriations bill that was approved by the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee, which I chair, on July 22, 2010. I also remain concerned that drilling in the Arctic, given its severe weather conditions and remote location, will challenge the credibility of any oil spill response plan. I will continue to cast a critical eye on any new plans in the Beaufort Sea and Chukchi Sea."

    "We will never achieve energy independence by drilling for more oil on land or at sea - even if we open up every restricted area to drilling. To pursue such a reckless policy only advances the day we exhaust our limited reserves and undermines our effort to transition to cleaner and more sustainable alternative sources of energy."
  7. People say burning oil causes pollution and global warming. I am saying if you do not burn oil than Trillions of barrel of oil will remain under the earth’s surface and if some day this Trillions of barrel of oil catches fire or blows up under the earth surface then earth will disappear. I know it needs oxygen to catch fire and explosion but there is always a possibility.

    Burning oil will kill slowly from pollution and earth getting blown up will kill instantly.

    Nobody can escape death.
  8. ..... those trillions of barrels of oil catches fire or blows up under the earth's surface?.....LOL

    Either you are one very ignorant, brain cell deficient, fantasizing idiot; or you have been watching too many science fiction movies.

    *****Posts like the one above reinforce the sad fact that most of the people on this site are full of shi*. Period
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