Obama: “We should raise our Children to be like the Egyptian Youth"

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  1. Found this in other forum. Is this True?

    Obama said “We should raise our Children to be like the Egyptian Youth"
  2. . :D . ok guys economics 101 for you....we need your input.
  3. When Obama speaks he does not know what he is speaking. Obama is not aware of the world around him. What will people think of his statement.
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    Most will ignore it. Another worthless platitude from an increasingly irrelevant President.
  5. The above statement (if true) may possibly start a worldwide revolution. The world is already heated up to ignition point. A small flame will start a raging fire. Have you ever thrown a flame/fire on a heated up wood? It catches fire immediately.
  6. David Cameron, The British prime minister said” We should teach the Egyptian revolution in our schools”

    Heinz Fischer, President of Austria said “The Egyptian people are the greatest in the world and deserves the Nobel prize for peace”

    Jens Stoltenberg, Norway Prime Minister said “Today, We all are Egyptians”

    CNN, One of the major TV News Channels “For the first time in history we witness people revolute and clean the streets afterwards”

    Barak Obama, The American president said after the Egyptian revolution “We should raise our Children to be like the Egyptian Youth”

  7. When world leaders do not know what they are speaking and what will be the end results, then "it is over".

    Somebody has rightly said "The government gone mad"
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