Obama Avoids 'Free Speech' Zone

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    LOL They had a 'free speech' zone on the parade route. I thought all of the streets of America were 'free speech' zones.

    President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama stepped out of their limousine in downtown D.C., following the longstanding tradition of the president strolling for a portion of his inaugural parade down the city's main boulevard.

    The Obamas stepped out of their car near the intersection of 8th Street and Pennsylvania Ave NW, near the US National Archives and Records Administration building.

    The first couple walked past the FBI building, before stepping back into the limousine before reaching Freedom Plaza.

    Freedom Plaza is the site of one of the only authorized demonstration zones, where a strip of the plaza is designated a free speech zone.

    The Obamas again stepped out of their limo near the Treasury Building to finish their trip from the Capitol to the White House.