Obama: Aug. job report to show weak labor market

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  1. Obama: Economy headed in right direction

    Obama: Recovery will not happen overnight

    Thank you Mr. President for the update !

  2. did he give an estimate or min timeframe.
  3. Must be really bad if he's warning us.
  4. That's just what he did w/ the GDP numbers, he prewarned (I believe he stated that GDP would be worse), and somehow GDP figures beat Barry St. estimates. He's starting to play the Wall St. earnings game with our economy....really sad.
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    You mean he didn't want to hold a prime time news conference to tell us this, since he's so in love with being on t.v. every five seconds.
  6. Iowa lady sells TV's to Avoid watching Obama

    Thursday, 30 July 2009

    A 78-year-old Carroll woman says she's so tired of seeing President Barack Obama on the airwaves that she's selling her television sets - two of them.

    Deloris Nissen, a retired nurses' aide and former Kmart employee who was raised on a farm near Audubon, placed a classified advertisement with The Daily Times Herald for Friday's paper.

    In the $5.50 ad, Nissen tells readers she has two television sets for sale.
    The reason: "Obama on every channel and station."

    In an interview Nissen said she is serious about selling two TVs - and genuine about her disgust with what she believes to be an overexposed president.

    "I just got tired of watching him on every channel," Nissen said. "I thought, my gosh, does he ever stay at the White House?"

    As an example she cited CNN's "Breaking Story" of what Beer will Obama drink with the Cambridge policeman and Professor Gates. It seems stupidity has no bounds.

    Nissen, who voted for U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in the 2008 presidential election, said she could live with seeing Obama come on television to make serious announcements. But he seems to be on all the time, Nissen said.

    When the president does appear on a channel she happens to be watching, Nissen said, she quickly turns.
    "I have the remote real handy," Nissen said. "I have the batteries. I'm ready for him."

    Nissen's annoyance with the president as a frequent presence on her television doesn't mean she'll abandon the medium altogether.

    She's keeping a bigger flat-screen television and selling an older 20-inch Sony and possibly a 13-inch set.
    "It's too heavy," Nissen said of the 20-inch TV. "I can't handle it anymore."

    That said, she doesn't plan on selling it for less than $100 - even if Obama was just on Tuesday pitching his health-care-reform plans.

    Obama's own advisers and political observers across the ideological spectrum have for months debated whether the now popular president is overexposed.

    For her part, Nissen said she expects to take some flack for the advertisement in her local paper. After all, Obama did win Iowa and Carroll County in the 2008 election.

    But she's not worried about any criticism.
    "I'm an old lady, and I don't care," Nissen said.