Obama Attends Al Sharpton's Racist Conference Teams w Black Militant on Racial Issues

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    Obama recently convened a meeting with some of his top supporters to find ways to advance an amnesty for illegal aliens, telling them he is committed to pressing the issue. One of his key point men on the issue will be New York racist huckster Al Sharpton. Promoting 'comprehensive immigration', which is a code word for granting amnesty to illegal aliens while making superficial changes to border security, Sharpton declared "Immigration reform is something America needs and something that America must do together."

    Sharpton is a highly unlikely advocate of 'Americans coming together', given his history of making racially divisive statements. In 1987, he falsely claimed police officers had raped a black woman named Tawana Brawley, and was eventually convicted of defamation as a result. In 1984, after a man named Bernhard Goetz defended himself from a robbery on New York subway train, he advocated prosecution of the man for a racially motivated assault. In 1991, after 4-day a riot in the Crown Heights section of New York City in which a mob of blacks vandalized and looted Jewish businesses, attacked and beat Jews, and stabbed a Jewish student to death; Sharpton led an angry march through the neighborhood chanting "Whose streets? Our streets!" and "No justice, no peace!" In 1995, after Sharpton derided a local business owner as a “white interloper” in a predominantly black neighborhood, one of the protesters at the rally he organized attacked the store with a gun and arson materials, murdering seven store employees.

    Just this past weekend at the National Action Network conference he organized, Sharpton advocated:

    Shutting down construction sites which don't have any blacks working there. This may have the inadvertent effect of shutting down many construction sites which rely on illegal aliens from Latin America.

    The concept hat blacks should only be educated by other blacks, alleging that 'turning over' blacks to be educated by others would result in them being taught 'hate'. This would effectively re-segregate America's schools.

    Blaming a media conspiracy for reports that Obama's approval rating amongst blacks has dropped to the 'low' of around 85%, far higher than his approval has ever been in any other demographic group.

    In response to a question from an audience member who claimed there was a 'rise in disrespect for the office of the Presidency' since Obama was elected (apparently he was in a coma for the entire Bush Presidency) and also advocated 'forming a black political party to counter the Tea Party', Sharpton declared that he and his followers had in fact mobilized in this form to push back Glenn Beck and the Tea Party.

    Barack Obama himself was a featured speaker at the National Action Conference this past weekend, showing he has not changed at all from the days when he sat listening to Jeremiah Wright's racist and anti-American rants in Chicago for two decades. This is the same Barack Obama who appointed Eric Holder to head the Department of Justice. Holder, in addition to making racially charged statements, halted the prosecution of 3 members of the black panthers who intimidated voters at the polls with baseball bats during the election in which Obama was last elected. Attorney General Eric Holder and other top administration officials also spoke at Sharpton's National Action Conference.

    A number of reports have indicated that Obama's campaign in 2012 will rely on a strategy of accepting large losses amongst white voters and running up as many votes as possible in the other demographic groups. A reporter who interviewed Obama's former senior advisor David Axelrod at the National Action Conference asked him whether Obama needed white voters in order to win the election. Axelrod gave an evasive response typical of political operatives, but said that “explosive growth in the Hispanic population and African-American population” “can make a key difference” in a number of states. This population growth will be even greater, and have a much bigger effect on electoral demographics, if 'comprehensive immigration reform' (amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens) is enacted. When Obama attends conferences organized by men with a history of inciting racial violence, and his administration gives a free pass to militant racists who engage in blatant voter intimidation, we wonder what exactly his game plan includes for the 2012 elections.
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    Here is my favourite video of the loving reverend Al Sharpton. :D

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    This video is even better, Sharpton was quite the fat violent man back in the day. Poor guy could hardly get out of his chair, before he got thrown on his ass.

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    ^ Wow :D
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    Funny. Did no one tell Obama that Mexicans and blacks don't get along?
  6. Thats not true at all
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    Ak just doesn't investigate the facts before he shoots off his mouth.

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    I have never seen someone get slapped around as much as this ak47 guy does, and keep coming back for more.
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