Obama attempts to indoctrinate

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  2. Are you too stupid to realize that the picture only proves Bush wasn't capable of indoctrinating?
  3. It's totally inappropriate. The lesson plan is also chilling. Schools have no business ordering kids to recite what el presidente wants them to do. That's the kind of thing they do in cuba and venezuela.
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    They did it in 1930's and early 1940's Germany as well.

    "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future."

    Adolf Hitler
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    Obama? The whole damned left has taken over the schools, they use the legal system to exclude Bible readers and they don't hire conservatives, not even for Janitor if they can help it.. of course the whole thing crumbled to a level of uselessness under their watchful eye that is hard for a Bible reader to even comprehend... but we do comprehend that if we want our kids to have a real education we have to pay for the public bullshit mental torture we call schools and pay for private or home schooling too...

    I still like McCain's plan for retirements and college funds: " a good job for the head of household"... that cannot resonate with Blacks of course, Jessee Jackemup has sued the private sector employers until anybody that hires a black worker has to be nuts... so they work for government or live off welfare.. they can't relate to McCain, besides, anybody that beats them in an argument is a racist, LOL...

    I was talking to a store owner yesterday... between the two of us we know hardly anybody at all that is a racist.... but the 'Crats tell blacks that racism is the reason they don't have the jobs and have to live in shitty public housing ghettos where everybody subsidizes their welfare income with drug dealing and prostitution...

    Wake up folks, this socialistic government is not out to help anybody but the elites that make their living off of it, the rest is a sham...
  7. The Bible does not belong in schools. It should have the same role in society as fishing i.e a hobby. Separation of Church and State.
  8. lol
  9. That was funny.Sorry bugscoe I didn't see it earlier,I only see your post when someone quotes you as you are on my ignore list
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