Obama attempts to bribe young voters

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  1. At the policy level, Obama will champion legislation to keep interest rates on some popular student loans from doubling--from 3.4% to 6.8 percent

    Lenders ain't no dummies. Imo, they are well aware that Obama is probably going to offer some type of forgiveness on SL and higher interest rates are going to cover the losses.

  2. http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2012/04/romney_supports_obama_plan_to.html

    Mitt Romney supports Obama plan to keep student loan rate at 3.4 percent

    WASHINGTON -- Turns out President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney don't disagree on everything. Speaking in Astor, Pa., Monday before a campaign event, Romney said he supports Obama's call for Congress to keep interest rates on a popular subsidized student loan program from doubling in July to 6.8 percent.

    "With the number of college graduates who can't find work or who can only find work well beneath their skill level, I fully support the effort to extend the low-interest rate on student loans," Romney said.
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    Remember during the 2008 campaign how democrats where saying how intelligent Obama was? How they were so impressed with his acumen?

    Well, you don't hear anyone saying that anymore. I think everyone saying that in 2008 figured out by now that they were sorely mistaken. Obama does have some unique traits, but they are not to be admired.
  4. Call that "Etch-a-Sketch" part1. Part 2 is Rubio's version of the "Dream Act" that attempts to woo hispanics to the GOP. Maybe call it "hispandering."

  5. Romney strikes me as a fraud too. In my opinion he just tells people on the right what they want to hear and occasionally spews some leftist BS in hopes to steal away some obama voters. Romney, in my opinion, will be nothing more than a white Obama. He will probably spend just as much money, the only difference would be that Romney might actually create a few jobs in the process.
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    Don't care. ABO.
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  8. I would imagine Obama does not have his work cut out trying to capture the younger vote when the alternative is a carpetbagger with magic underpants.
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    Yup. Anyone who votes for Romney thinking he is a real Republican is going to be in for a nasty surprise. Romney just takes any position that looks like it will get him the votes he needs. So when he's running for the Republican nomination he pretends to be conservative. As soon as the nomination is sewn up he will transform into Massachusetts Mitt. That is precisely why the mainstream media has been happy to promote Romney.
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