Obama asks Russia to hand over Snowden; Russia says we don't know where he is

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  1. Edward Snowden has not entered Russia - Sergei Lavrov
    25 June 2013 Last updated at 14:29

    US Secretary of State John Kerry said the US did not seek "confrontation" but Russia should hand over Mr Snowden.

    Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov insisted Mr Snowden had not crossed the border and rejected what he termed US attempts to blame Russia for his disappearance.

    "We are in no way involved with either Mr Snowden, his relations with US justice, nor to his movements around the world," Mr Lavrov said.

    "He chose his itinerary on his own. We learnt about it... from the media. He has not crossed the Russian border.


    The Russians are really messing with Obama.
  2. Lucrum


    Putin must be laughing his ass off at the incompetence of the Odumbo regime.
  3. pspr


    Putin just said that Snowden is in the airport and not technically in Russia. But, he's still not going to give him up. Mostly because he sees Obama as an idiot and is going to use this chance to poke him in they eye after the disagreement over Syria.

    Maybe after Putin copies the contents of Snowden's computers, like the Chinese did, he'll let him move on to a country granting asylum to him. Or, maybe he'll just let him stay in Russia for a while.

    All of these world leaders know Obama huffs and puffs and then never does anything of substance. Obama has become a world wide joke.
  4. Lucrum


    There are SOME descent looking women in Russia.
  5. pspr


    So long as they don't send him to Siberia. It's a lot warmer in Equator.
  6. I bet there are more than some, AND I hear to this day women still outnumber men like 5:1 because of the mass murdering commie, joseph stalin. Of course there is always a downside which is Russia has a whole bunch of AIDS going around. :D