Obama approval 53 %

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  1. Latest AP poll 53%

    Breaking News, Government, Politics, Top News » AP-GfK Poll: Obama more popular than Congress
    By The Associated Press
    March 10, 2010, 1:14PM

    The Associated PressPresident Barack Obama is more popular than Congress, according to an Associated Press poll.

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Americans have come to detest Congress ever more deeply as it nears the end of a nasty fight over health care. But more than half still back President Barack Obama, a bright spot for a Democratic Party counting on its leader to help stave off expected losses in elections this fall.

    The latest Associated Press-GfK poll found that fewer people approve of Congress than at any point in Obama's presidency. Support has dropped significantly since January to a dismal 22 percent as the health care debate has roiled Capitol Hill. Neither Republicans nor Democrats are safe; half of all people say they want to fire their congressman.

    Conversely, Obama's job-performance standing is holding fairly steady at 53 percent. And over the past two months, the Democrat has gained ground on national security issues, specifically the subsiding Iraq war and the escalating Afghanistan war, as he has spent most of his time - at least publicly - on domestic matters like the economy and health care. On those issues, he still has the support of about half the people.

    Obama's overall standing hasn't really moved since January. Neither have his ratings on health care and the economy.

    But his marks have jumped on Iraq and Afghanistan. More than half of people approve of how he's handling the wars, with 55 percent backing him on Iraq and 57 percent supporting him on Afghanistan. That's compared with 49 percent for each two months ago. The new poll was taken during weekend elections in Iraq, where a U.S. troop drawdown is under way, and in the midst of a buildup in Afghanistan, as the U.S. notches victories in rooting out suspected terrorists.
  2. Latest Ipsos/McClatchy poll 53 % as well
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    Whether it should or not, this number will rise with the improving economy. Unless the public becomes very unhappy with Obama's foreign policy, which I think unlikely.
  5. Gallop is still considered the "standard" of Presidential approval polls. They track a myriad of issues on a DAILY basis. Today, Obama's Gallop "approval" is 48%.
  6. Its Gallup.
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    Ah now, don't go and ruin the poor bastards fantasy with - the facts.

  8. So in your world, only polls that show lower job approval are facts. :confused:
  9. Unless obama has a paul of tarsus moment the only way he will have my approval is out of office.
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    I got some bad news for ya kermit.

    Practically everyone in this forum only considers what ever agrees with them as "facts".
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