Obama Approval 49 % Gallop,50 % AP

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  1. Republicans have to be scratching their heads wondering what its going to take for Obamas numbers to get in the mid 30 's like Reagan or the low 20's like Bush :(
  2. One of the funniest things I've seen on here in a long time are the hysterical ultra-right wingers on here creating threads with titles like

    Obama's approval rating plummets to 48%!!!!!

    followed by an explanation of how this makes him the worst President in history. Just goes to show you how these dullards ignore the facts in favour of ridiculous self-deception.
  3. Because Obama is spotted virtual 100% approval from the 12% Black sample in Gallop, it greatly inflates his numbers. His support with whites has been at a flatlined 41% average for months. The biggest factor in Obama's sub 50 total has been imploding support from Hispanics. He's lost 20pts with Latins in the past 6 months.

  4. When hiring through affirmative action one must grade on a curve. What do you think the approval rating would be for a white guy, same situation?
    Unemployment still hovering at 10% even though it was promised not to go above 8%. Wall Street and Corporate crooks still walk free two years after destroying the economy. Spending out of control. A nation at each others throats worse than ever. Men and women still fighting in some bullshit war. And the kicker, a federal government that couldn't clean up a pile of dog crap, let alone this mess in the gulf. I'd say a white guy would be in single digit approval, and he'd deserve to be.
  5. Its more then Gallop

    Ispos has him at 50

    Ap has him at 50

    ABC has him at 52
  6. Latinos might be pissed at him,just like hard core leftist like myself,doesn't mean we are voting GOP
  7. I like it too.

  8. It was real funny when Bush was at 23 %
  9. Every pollsters sample of minorities is near identical, dumb fuck.
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