Obama = Antichrist

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bakinec, Jul 5, 2009.

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  2. Wait, I could have sworn Ronald Wilson Reagan was the antichrist:D :D

    The state of American schools today:p
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    It's clever, the Anti-Christ has been here in one form or another for a long time. He's convinced the Eastern half of the world that he came and went thousands of years ago and the Western half that he is yet to come... for now he's just an organization but eventually it will be that one person that represents that organization that wants it's headquarters to be in Jerusalem and he will accomplish that after hundreds of years of effort if not thousands... every dog has his day as they say... watch the Videos titled "Total Onslaught" to get the complete low down on this garbage...
  4. To comprehend the "anti-Christ" one must first comprehend Christ. Christ is a "universe of thought which completes God". This "universe" has no opposite. In Jesus' speak, it is known as the "Kingdom of God". The "anti-Christ" is a concept which says that the Kingdom of God has an opposite. We "know" this other "kingdom" as "the cosmos", or, "the world"...and/or "the universe". In one word, bullshit. And we are all knee-deep in it. The "lie" is bigger than anyone ever imagined...except Jesus.