Obama and Wright- How can you tell?

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  1. For all the Obama supporters- What proof or information absolutely tells you without any reasonable doubt that Obama does not believe in Jeremiah Wright's radical views?
  2. What proof do you have that Palin dosent believe in withcraft

    Palins paster is more scary then Wright

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  3. That is what you call Christianity. They were rebuking evil forms of religion, not practicing it my friend. If you think that is actually a relevant argument then i assume you think all good forms of religion in the world are actually evil forms. Except how can good forms of religion be evil forms of religion? I think your definitions and statements of argument are a little conflicting.
  4. Sorry but i don't trust a paster that speaks in tongues and repeatably mentions witchcraft
  5. I would rather trust a pastor that REBUKES witchcraft who is most likely a Jesus freak instead of trusting a pastor that calls for the death of white America who was also one of the candidates' best friends.

    Sorry to inform you but there is a tidal wave of Jeremiah wright controversy coming.
  6. Wright has never called for the death of white America

    Mccain can try to bring back wright,but its a non issue now and it will only hurt mccain just as all of his negative attacks have.When will you people get it ?,attacking Obama is not the answer.Saying what he would do different from bush is the answer,but he wont do that
  7. First of all I don't consider myself in the category of "you people crazy conservatives." I think jeremiah wright is a legit issue that a large amount of Americans are curious about like myself. They are also looking for proof and information to put this issue to rest but you insider trading have been posting on this topic to the defense of Obama with no real defense past critisizing the other side. You know what, i agree with you. Palin is a dumb bitch and John McCain is a warmongering dictator. That in itself is more reason to vote for Obama BUT what is your statment of argument's that proves Obama's innocence and proves Obama does not hold Wright's views?
  8. Palin spoke to and embraced a separatist movement by certain Alaskans that HATE, and I mean HATE, the United States of America.

    She went to speak to them, court them, and even has family members in their movement. She even endorsed their views!


    Sedition and Treason?

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  9. BylowSellhi i watched the beginning and end of the first video and did not see the part where they say they HATE America and how Palin is related. That video has to be there for some purpose. Could you point out which timeframe of the video i should look at so i can see that your not outright lying?

    As for the TOPIC of the thread i still don't have any proof that Obama does not hold Wright's views.
  10. Wright is a former Marine who couldn't eat in the same restaurants as whites.At one point wright was a part of President Johnson's medical team.The man did everything he could to love his country but had to sit on the back of a bus behind whites

    The pain of pre civil rights blacks is something most of us will never know.Most post civil rights blacks don't share those views because they never had to experience it,but they understand it and move on.

    My grandparents were racists,I loved them and always will. I do not share their views,but i understand from their time and environment why they had these views and I go on with my life.

    Just like whites who had parents and grandparents who had racists views,blacks still have elders who are angry about the way they were treated in the past.they don't agree with those views but they accept and understand them and move on

    I would hate to be judged by my elders views so i don't judge others by theirs.Wright seemed to have been a good man throughout his life and 1 day let out a storm of anger from his past.That does not diminish that he served his country and that his church is one of the most active in Chicago in helping his community.

    Obama is half white,was raised by his white side of his family,and has never been seen saying the things Wright said. there are also numerous whites who are members of wrights church as well
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