Obama and transparency

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    It became transparent that Obama has a problem with transparency.
    Ironic they would give a hard time to Bush for mispronouncing words.


    Couple of (basically the same)reactions to the article:

    Why am I laughing at this so hard the tears of "na-na-na-na, hey, hey, we warned you nitwits" roll down my cheeks this morning as I read the plight of the poor, woebegone media wonks?

    Here's the deal: the now Prez Obama loathed you from the start, you ideologue media wonks were never more than disgusting ideologues to him and his camp to begin with. Courted and used as it benefited his rise to the top, but now, well, my poor, woebegone media ideologues, if only you studied real history instead of that revisionist crapola ... you'd have known ahead of time that once a Marxist/socialist rises to and secures all power, the first he thing does is marginalize and, subsequently rid himself of the very ideologues upon whose breathless pronouncements to the 52 million equally pronounced "useful idiots" he rode to glory.

    Get it, ideologues? The first thing a socialist is does is get rid of ALL the ideologues, especially those in the media and academia. Why, you moan? Easy. Because ideologues are very, very easily disenchanted ... and once that happens, they would become your bitterest enemies. It's ALWAYS personal with an ideologue. So all ideologues must exit straight away!

    Oh, you useful idiots have outlived your usefulness now that Prez Obama holds the "most powerful office in the free world" ("free"? not for long, but you get my drift, if you don't, you're just an inconvenient, less-than-useful idiot ideologue). Please, try not to be so shocked that your lover boy only used your lack of journalistic integrity and never, ever planned to stick around the morning after to cuddle; it isn't like he was any less "faithful" to you than you've been to your journalistic calling, once-useful idiots. C'mon, man and woman up, take your banishment like the ideologues and useful idiots you've always been.

    Oh, my! What delicious fools you media wonks were/are. By the time, if ever, you recover a shred of journalistic integrity, it'll be way, way too late. Enjoy your own demise, you dug your own hole for your coffin, euphemistically speaking. Hey, spurned media wonks, TAKE THIS! Cheers!

    Couldn't happen to nicer bunch