Obama And The New Auto Regulations

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  1. YEP, UNCLE OBAMA DOES IT AGAIN, SCREW'S THE FOLKS THAT PUT HIS ASS IN OFFICE. Raising the gas standards on cars will only make cars far more expensive. So, once again, those in the Middle Class to lower class have no prayer but to drive those stupid, little 'Smart Cars' and the new China made vehicals that will be roll'n in.

    Statis fools. Once again, the COLLECTIVE screw themselfs.

  2. small cars are not stupid

    The whole Europe drives them
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    I just put a new Shelby GT500 convertible in the garage. I'm getting the feeling that it will have to last awhile before I see any replacement available.

    I have no desire to live the european lifestyle, thanks.

    "Anything you want we got it right here in the USA"
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    Things are closer in Europe. Distances are shorter. I already see some of those smart cars running around Dallas. I can imagine the people in them getting squashed like a bug in an accident.
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    Cut a big ass hole in the hood and throw an inter-cooled twin turbo on the bastard. It will fly :D

    And ummm....maybe we should put wings on the sucker. It's sure to lift off the ground. It probably only weighs 800lbs.

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    A friend just bought a place up in the mountains in Arizona and he commutes there on the weekend. He destroyed 2 Honda Insights in the last 6 months. They can't hold up to long distances in 110-deg temps with the air conditioning on going up the Cajon Pass. I'm sure those little cars are viable in the city but they just aren't practical in the southwestern US given the climate and distances. Out here people literally order their cars with the largest engine available, sorta non-intuitive but its a fact.
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    since we will be using less gas according to the new regulation, wont the price per gallon of fuel increase for refiners to make their profit? and if we can no longer carry the same amount of people or material in one car we will now increase the number of drivers and vehicles to haul the same amount of material which will void the fuel efficiency wont it?
  8. that's retarded, just because Europeans drive it doesn't make it smart
  9. Nothing wrong with raising the gas standard. There IS something wrong with people who need to commute by themselves in 8000 pound Ford Excursions.

    People buy ginormous SUVs and trucks for no reason, which have a nasty habit of killing people in cars with terrible effectiveness.

    A 3000 pound car that gets decent mileage is fine for 95% or more of the commuters on the road.

    They could easily meet the standard by pretty much making all cars into hybrids. If all cars were hybrids, the manufacturing efficiencies would drive down the cost per car.

    And we could get 45 mpg and let the Arabs KEEP their oil in the ground.
  10. Amen Brother!
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