Obama and team changing the rules again.

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  1. now they want healthy institutions to pay fines for those who took tarp and paid it out in bonuses?

    why not just tax those bonuses and not do the fines. why change rules again.
  2. Got a reference for that?
  3. it is on the front page of news sites,google.
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    You forget. The One is the big uniter. We're gonna all be poorer than Hatians by the time the libtards get done with us. :(
  5. But, like Palin, you can't quite bring yourself to refer to a single specific one...
  6. Yes, the only solution is to start a bogus war and simultaneously cut taxes.
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    Lol, why don't you get a job?
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    Interview with John A. Allison IV, former CEO of BB&T Corporation, , starts at about 3:30:
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  10. You're still going to have to connect the dots for me. How are the institutions who did not require TARP funds going to incur fees? Has anything even remotely along those lines been raised or finalized? And on the matter of fees, do you not want the American taxpayer and the US Treasury, for whom you weep daily, to recover from the bailouts?
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