Obama and Solyndra, Watergate II

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  1. clacy


    This will not end well for the One. When you've added as much national debt as he has, while overseeing 9.1% unemployment, you don't have much room for scandals.
  2. what about the california rail link - thats another $13 billion dollars down the drain as well.

    fucking politicians are a joke
  3. The program "Fast and Furious" has similar potential. The truth of the matter is that any of these scandals can go from typical political corruption to outright full bore scandal depending upon what else is on the mainstream media's docket. Right now, the European crisis has stolen all the headlines and brushed aside alot of the potential for Solyndra and Fast and Furious.

    A quiet news season would have blown these stories skyward. Then again, most of this news starts in the blogosphere and forces the MSM to cover it. So it's always a bit fuzzy as to how much coverage any particular story will receive.
  4. Bush, Obama......it's all the same. 2 party system needs to change.
  5. I hope so.

    Obama should have just given them the money in the form of a grant or earmark and not a loan to be paid back. Who really gives a shit about $500 m, not like it's going to break the bank or anything.