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  1. Reagan took office with a 7.5 % unemployment rate,and it peaked at 10.8 %

    Obama took office with a 7.7 % unemployment rate,and so far it has peaked at 10.1% and is curretly at 9.7

    Obamas numbers so far are better then Reagan's,yet the Hannity/Beck/Rush/GOP crowd praise Reagan as a god, but that same crowd says Obama is such a bad President.
  2. Stock market Reagans first year


    Stock market Obamas first year


  3. Don't even waste your time comparing Obama to Reagan. A more likely comparison would be LBJ.

    I can see that comparison working as stock market is only one facet. The market bottomed in 1982 and then rose. Volcker the austere was in charge instead of "printing press" Bernanke. Bernanke has stated the picnic is going to end.
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    Nice work cutting the chart in half to suit your fantasy that Obama is a good president, why dont you show the chart from where he actually took office, not starting from right at the low of the the bear market, market is only up about 25-30% since he took office, and only about 20% from where it became a foregone conclusion he was going to win, and this is with him printing non stop monopoly money, why dont you try to name even one single thing Obama has doen which has been good for business since he took office besides hand out free money to everyone. Markets are rallying inspite of him not because of him.

  5. I lived in Texas and joined due Reagen election. I can't really remember him doing jack shit other under than firing all the Air traffic Controllers. And giving us lots and lots of new toys to train with out in the the FMF.
  6. What were you personally doing during Reagens terms?

  7. I used 1 year settings from todays date ,sue me

    on 1-21-09 the market opened at 7949,closed today at at 10624 and hit a high of 10729 .Thats a gain of +2675 points and high of + 2780

    when Bush took office the dow was at 10581 and hit a high of 14198 for a high of +3617 points in 8 years and when he left office the dow was at 8279 for a loss of 2302 points

    Bush high + 3617 in 8 years
    Obama high + 2780 in 15 months

    Bush close - 2302
    Obama current +2675

    Reagan high +1800
    Reagan close+1293
  8. Idiocracy ...

    Reagan actually led

    if you don't know the difference, i truly pity you
  9. Why are you in the politics section if you can't even accept the concept and reality of politics? Weird.

  10. Owning and running a retail business. Any more stupid questions?
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