Obama and Pornography

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  1. Obama is the world's most powerful man since USA president is the commander of USA army and $14 Trillion. When Obama became USA president in 2009, his first day job was to destroy world pornography and prostitution but Obama did nothing. I think porn and prostitution has increased in past 3 years. It is Obama and world leader's job/work to clean world sewers and they should not be making economic and country decisions because they have ultimately destroyed the world economy.

    How many millions of world people's life have been destroyed because of "sex diseases" since world leaders are not cleaning world sewers.

    World leaders think they are high-profile people but the fact is that they are worth 2 cents and they should be cleaning world sewers only (porn and prostitution).

    Highly intelligent people such as Bearice and other people will make economic and country decisions and not world leaders.

    World leaders were given serious warnings 7 years back "destroy porn and protitution" but nothing happened. So today the whole world is begging for money. Money is the root cause of all the evils in the world that is the reason God sent Financial crisis 2007 which is endless.

    Everybody will be further severely punished in the coming days (God's rule/law).
  2. Bear, sorry but you are wrong. To quote the Apostle Paul in his letter to Timothy, "For the love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things" or in some translations "Evil". (1 Tim 6:10).

    It is not Money itself but the Love Of Money or Greed, that is bad, just ask the Tsar Nick and Tsarina Alex. Money is an inanimate object and cannot in itself be Bad or Good human motives however are generally questionable.

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  4. Majority of world people earn money and feed their families and they are not concerned what sins and evils is going on in world society. They just think of their families and their money. But when their source of money and income is stopped they will come to realise that there are many sins going on in their world society.

    When people do not have money to feed their families they become desperate and angry and then world people will destroy pornography and prostitutes because these useless people will take away "desperate food" from their families.

    This is the reason God sent financial crisis 2007 which is endless. If world leaders would have destroyed porn and prostitution 7 years back then today world economy would have been $200 Trillion every year (thanks to Bearice).

    George Bush had said "if you harbour terrorist, you are terrorist". Today USA is suffering terribly because USA in harbouring FBI.
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