Obama and Hillary infomercial in pakistan

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  1. so you may have heard the us did a commercial to let the pakistani people know that the govt is in no way responsible for the anti mohamed video.

    at first i'm thinking, wow, what is wrong with these people, they are such apologists. how silly of them.

    but then it struck me, it can't be that simple. They must be really scared of something we don't know about, there has to be more to this story than hillary being a liberal tree hugger. She has apologized soooo many times already i find it hard to believe its simply her being sincere and a softy.

    I think perhaps our intelligence see's the middle east going into complete chaos and they are grasping for anything to prevent that.


  2. So this is what we've been reduced to. Please don't be mad at us. It wasn't our fault for this stupid video. We've got this damned first ammendment thing we must deal with for a while longer. Please be patient while we're in the process of becoming more like you.
    Makes me want to f'n puke.
  3. I propose a infomercial.

    "Allah Akbar!"

    How to prounouce "Suck my dick" in Arabic.

    I usee to get my ass kicked for that but beats the heck of getting your ass kicked for saying "sorry".
  4. oops, didnt' work. i bet they were pissed about the shipping and handling..


    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A television station employee was shot dead on Friday in the northwestern city of Peshawar as violent crowds filled the streets of several cities on a day of government-sanctioned protests against an anti-Islam film made in the United States.

    next time they should get billy mays to do the commercial. that guy could sell ANYTHING. even peace. :p

  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Except that Billy is dead.
  6. If only he said Jesus Billy.
  7. 377OHMS


    Yeah, well if you give me 18 pounds of coke I could probably sell ice-makers to eskimos too.
  8. lol.. billy scarrface. i can picture him right before getting ready to film, with his face buried in a mountain of coke *camera rolls* "Hi it's BILLY MAYS HERE, ARRRRGH!!!!"
  9. Yeah, what's really in that OxyClean anyway. Sad, but funny.
  10. yeah it is lame how he died, but i don't get how he was successful. generally when people are screaming at me i'm not thinking about making purchases.. maybe it's just me.
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