Obama And Dumocrats Say They Won't Pay Military Personnel If Gov't. Shuts Down

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Apr 7, 2011.

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  2. Anyone who actually fights for America are enemies to the liberal.
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    Wait until the ghetto monster money runs out, then we'll happily pay the military to keep the monsters from overrunning our positions in our upper middle class 'hoods...
  4. The more people he pisses off, the lesser his chances of getting reelected by the tit-suckers and hand-out seekers.
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    at the end of the day its all up to "wall street"
  6. Wrong, it's not "all up to Wall Street"... many want to believe, "it's Wall Street [only] and big corporations" as the evil cabal. There are more than just that one going on right now.
  7. Such complete and utter bullshit.

    The Right is posturing, by threastening to shut down government because of its jihad against Planned Parenthood. It is trying to insinuate its ideological agenda by any means available and then point fingers elsewhere. The Right are the instigators here, as usual. If you don't play by their if-then rules, then you're the bad guy.

    And consider the stupidity of it all. The Planned Parenthood budget, as I understand it, is $317 million in its entirety. And THIS is what will shut down the government? Adding to the stupidity, by eliminating the Planned Parenthood funding, of which only about 10%, or $37 million, goes for abortions, the incident of actual abortions is likely to rise.

    Stupid, stupid scum.




  8. Oh, poor baby.
  9. "For the left in recent years, none of these legitimate forms of argument have been an option. This is because the left is fundamentally lacking in ideas. The "truths" that the left relies on are intellectually specious. These fraudulent ideas include the notion that all human beings have a right to an equal share of society's wealth; that government exists to control the lives of its citizens and to redistribute wealth; and that these principles are universal and so must involve the redistribution of wealth from rich nations to poor ones.

    None of these truths are self-evident to anyone except ideologues on the left. Most human beings immediately recognize that egalitarianism and centralized state control are bad ideas. For this reason, it is impossible for Marxists to engage in rational argument based on ideas: they resort instead to crude forms of abuse.
  10. Gabby, here some more good 'civility' phrases uttered by your idiot idols just in case you want to switch up the Jihad schtick:

    'war on women'...
    'equivalent of bombing innocent civilians'...
    compares to Civil War...
    keep 'women from getting cancer screenings'...
    FACEBOOK event calls for dumping trash at Boehner's house...
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