Obama and Congress declare war on Welpoint WLP

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  1. This weekend full of legislation is going to CRUSH health insures like Welpoint. WLP isnt a well managed company anyway owning 3 company jets. Why does WLP need these jets? To sell health insurance policies?

    I see many of the insurers falling down big and getting CRUSHED.
  2. Insurance lobbyists wrote the bill.
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    I see them getting rich beyond your wildest dreams. 30+ million new captive customers and virtually no curbs on premiums. It will be an insurance man's nirvana unless the public option passes the Senate with real teeth in it. Lieberman will not let that happen, though his official position is "for it, but against it"!

    I am applying for a speech writer position in his office and have drafted a little speech for him:

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, you have asked me how I feel about the public option. Very well then, I will tell you straight out how I feel about it. If by the public option you mean that part of the health bill that will offer the opportunity for our poor, our disadvantaged, and the mommies and daddies of our little children to obtain coverage at low cost and thus be saved from the ravages of hurt and disease and suffering, then I am unalterably for it.

    However, if you mean by the public option that which threatens the very foundations of our glorious democracy, that which brings intolerable socialism and government tampering; yea, that which tramples upon the sacred utterings of our founding fathers, while making it impossible for our generous and caring health insurers to serve the public interest and forces them out of business, one by one, as the liberal, socialist, jew haters in Washington evermore increase their stranglehold over the best medical care in the world, slowly, oh so slowly and agonizingly, wringing the very life from it; then, ladies and gentlemen, I am unalterably against it.

    This is my stand, and I shall not waver from it." ***

    ***With apologies to former Representative N.S. "Soggy" Sweat, Jr.
  4. "I see them getting rich beyond your wildest dreams. 30+ million new captive customers and virtually no curbs on premiums."

    I asked an insurance exec about this long ago, and he said pretty much that

    wasnt worried at all

    pretty clear that lobbyists would be writing the bill

    after all, they always do

    anyone really think 'We The People' wrote those 2000 pages?

    not on your life

    anyone really think they wouldnt model big pharma's role in the drug bill of 2006?

    Insurance companies have the money, and we have the best government money can buy

    Insurance buyer's new position "Insurance company, you'd better treat me fairly, becasue if I dont buy your insurance, I'm going to jai!! And I really mean it!"

    This should be called the Insurance Gangster Welfare Act of 2009

    I can see wall street's lobbyist up on K street now, with their TARP money "Hey, why cant we have a similar law? Buy our stocks, ("investing" for your "retirement") or GO TO JAIL!"
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    This is so sad but true. The insurance companies are licking their chops. Millions of more subscribers to fuck over and guaranteed premiums from the government. They will be able to deny benefits with warp speed once this bill passes.

  6. Insurance company ethics are on par with the mafia. If you lose power in negotiating with they, they'll strangle you - that's what this bill does - strips the buyer of ALL POWER in dealing with them

    Sickening how the SCUM that pushed this bill slandered those who questioned it as 'cruel'

    Orwellian as hell

    "They will be able to deny benefits with warp speed once this bill passes"

    of course they will - just like the wall street TARP "heads we win, tails taxpayer loses"

    every losing actuarial bet will got to the taxpayer

    every conscripted dollar from the citizen will go our in exec bonuses
  7. Obama is a republican swindler. This healthcare bill is a fraud only a republican would like.

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    "Obama and Congress declare war on Welpoint WLP"

    It's very sad what they're doing. They should declare was on all health insurance companies. As a warm up, their lobbyists would be good target practice.
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