Obama and Bush face to face at Kennedy's funeral

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  1. Around 3:30 in the video.The look of Disgust on Bush's face is priceless LOL!!!!!!

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  2. Look at that big ole smile on Hillary's face.
  3. Watch carefully, hillary tried to kiss him(obama on the cheek) and missed. It was a weird moment. Watch around 3:44

  4. Obama and Hilary really like each other

    Thats was a weird and funny moment ,but its also funny that they had already kissed a few seconds earlier,why is she trying to kiss him twice :D

    Bill and Michelle better keep an eye on their spouses
  5. Also note: Gore was there, mondale was there, biden was there, but there was one past VP who was not there... Hm... Who could it be? Oh yes, Dick Cheney! Nobody likes that douchebag.

    George H.W was also not there but that was due to health reasons.
  6. After watching the ceremony(funeral mass&memorial) I had to think how much more tastefully the whole thing was done than the MJ memorial.
  7. Invite only,I doubt Chaney got an invitation.I agree,total douchebag
  8. It was a beautiful service
  9. I sent Dick an e-mail to ask him the reason he didn't attend the funeral, basically he replied that "Ted won't be coming to my funeral, so I'm not going to his".
  10. Kubinec


    Bush looked like he was looking for an excuse for being there, like he was caught doing some embarassing shit :D.


    Not to be Mr. obvious, but she was kissing Michelle there.

    Quite a fantasy you and insider are entertaining there :D
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