Obama and Acorn In Bed Together For Years. Obama Actually Worked For Them.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by trader_t870, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. skylr33


    Obama worked for Acorn as a lawyer in 1995. No surprise there. Just a case of one degenerate working for a group of them.
  2. Based on the fact that the Senate rushed to defund ACORN I am thinking they are scared shitless because this ACORN story aint going away anytime soon and a shitload of dems are in bed with them, INCLUDING OBAMA.

    We also have this.

    "President Obama is delivering a lunchtime speech Monday on Wall Street, followed by a real lunch with former President Bill Clinton.

    The two men will dine somewhere in New York City, a White House official said, in a meeting that marks the second time the two men have come together in five days. Last week, they chatted at the memorial service for Walter Cronkite.

    During the first seven months of Mr. Obama’s presidency, he and Mr. Clinton spoke only a couple of times. But now, their paths have crossed repeatedly in recent weeks.

    The White House would not disclose the topic — or the location — of the lunch."


    Why is Obama all the sudden so buddy-buddy with Billy Jeff? My guess is that Obama knows the hounds are on him and he can't scrub all his ties to ACORN so a scandal is underway. Who better to get advise from on scandals, than the king of the scandal, Billy Jeff?
  3. A little over 3 years and we can vote this freak out of office. :)