Obama and abortion?

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  1. I find this comment by Obama in a speech given in Selma this weekend very interesting.

    Here is the quote:

    "Don’t think that fatherhood ends at conception."

    Does that mean fatherhood begins at conception?

    Does that mean abortion is the killing of a child in Obama's opinion since fatherhood begins at conception?

    Does the left know that this is his position, which is ultimately anti choice and pro life?

    The quote above is from this speech:

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    zzz I saw the speech on Cspan and was very impressed by Obama.

    I also noted that quote during his speech. It has important ramifications and I wish more leaders would state the same. Our country would be in a lot better shape. imo.
  3. Are you guys nuts?

    Obama was the prime OBSTRUCTIONIST of a law in the Illinois Senate that sought to prohibit late term abortions. Conception? Obama thinks abortion should be legal until birth.
  4. The people who are nuts are the ones who are not paying attention to his quote.

    Obama is pro choice, but also says fatherhood begins at conception?

    Something doesn't add up there...

    The pro choice issue revolves around the concept that a fetus is not a human being, not a child, not something that has a father in the classic sense of the word father, thereby allowing abortion to take place and not be considered murder of a child.

    If fatherhood begins at conception, then what follows right after conception is a fathered child...not simply a biological mass produced by sperm and an egg.

    Obama right now is getting a free pass from the press and others.

    Careful analysis of the words he uses show what I think is the real story, that he is just like every other politician out there trying to pander to any audience that will love him. He is like all the others seeking power.

    Let's hear Obama talk about the need to reduce the power of the presidency back to reasonable levels.

    None, (except may Ron Paul) speak about the increased power of the presidency by Bush and others in the past 40 years, and the need to revoke that power and restore the balance of government.

    Why not? Because they want that power...

    What I find interesting is that when I find something wrong or have a criticism of Obama, many of his supporters act just like blind Bush supporters when I criticize Bush. They act as if they have drunk the Obama Kool Aid.

    I hope Edwards and others are taking careful notes so that they can bring up these points when the cat fights...err, debates begin.

    The pathetic press is clearly not interested in anything but fawning over this guy right now.

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    I would have been nuts if I said that quote made him pro life and anti choice (zzz words) instead of pro abortion and pro death.

    I am not sure if he is signaling a moderation in his position or not. I just thought it was very interesting.
  6. It is an interesting quote, which the pro choice left and right is conveniently ignoring.

  7. Maybe you got the context all wrong there ZZzz...

    Do you think that perhaps he was making a comment not on abortion, but on the perceived tendencies of Black American males to make babies and then not support them?

    Perhaps he was making a statement on how he wishes that this perceived tendency could be diminished or even eliminated through different actions by other Black males?
  8. To put the quote in context, what he was diplomatically saying was, too many of you boyz in the hood disappear after tappin' dat azz. Youz gots to hang around and raise dat baby you made. His comment had nothing to do with his position on abortion and everything to do about personal responsibility.
  9. Exactly guys. Talking about fatherhood and conception is not akin to speaking of motherhood begining at conception.

    When a politician's rhetoric fails to meet his policy/legislative agenda it often spells duplicity.

    Pro-abortion candidates LOVE to use language like, "I'm personally opposed to abortion but I support your right to choice".

    Funny but those types of statements never include: "Even though I don't gamble on line....." or "while I don't condone smoking crack it's a personal decision...." or "I don't need to PAY for sex but for those who do......". Faux libertarianism is the order of the new left.
  10. So you are throwing up the context defense?



    The he should explain his comments to reinforce his pro choice pro abortion position..

    Anyway, if a black or white or brown or green gets a woman pregnant, is that a baby that is fathered that gets aborted (or maybe murdered if a baby), or just a mass of biological cells without a soul?

    It begs the question of life beginning at conception, or viable birth.

    If a man impregnates a baby, and the woman naturally aborts through miscarriage, did the man father a naturally aborted baby?

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