Obama: America will never be second

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bearice, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. Barack Obama said something like this, "America will always be first. America will never be second".

    I need everybody comments on this.
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    Obama called, he said you're fat.
  3. He was talking about "money owed which will never be repaid"..
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    LOL post of the year no doubt :)

    I worry about the future, I honestly do.
  5. Excellent post.
  6. "America will always be first. America will never be second".

    If you have a marketing campaign like him. pffftttt.

    Plenty of people think he got elected because he's tall dark and handsome, no substance there.

    Plenty of people think, whoops take that back, no clue what people think about him getting a Nobel Peace Prize.

    It's easy to make statements such as this. All hat and no cattle.
  7. When you are second, you try harder...

    <img src=http://tvlowcostquebec.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/image0015.jpg>
  8. 10 gallon hat and no cattle, 8 years of it...

    <img src=http://img389.imageshack.us/img389/368/allhatnocattle2et.jpg>

  9. Barack Obama meant to say "it is only words, words are all I have".
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