Obama: America Has Gotten Soft

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    Now Obama is blaming the American people for his failures.

    Damn Obama! It's Your Fault. Man up to it, Bucky.

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  2. I'd be willing to bet he sits when he peas.
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    Max E.

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    Yeah, but his wife don't. :D
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  6. What would one expect when the government pays so many for not working. Too many are comfortable with the money they get for their vote.

    America needs more of a "if you don't work, you don't eat" policy.
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    Listen to Obama and his group of leftist followers, including the ones on ET. According to them, it is never Obama's fault, it is never the fault of his policies, it is never his rhetoric, it is always the fault of the American people and they just dont get it.
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    If we were talking about "tit-sucking parasites" (mixed metaphors there, scat), or the protestors, or the leftist in every shadow, or the folks drawing unemployment still (instead of opening a lemonade stand), or our failure to nuke Iran (or some such nonsense), then it would of course be true. But... not if Obama said it.
  9. Obama: America Has Gotten Soft

    You think he really wanted to say "stupid" but couldn't because this would include him.

    Anyone have an example of something Obama has done as an example of "tough". I have. Obama has smoked a cigarette, velly velly dangerous.

    Look at the lardass, head of homeland security couldn't run up a flight of stairs to save anyone's ass. Oh yea, estrogen kills.
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