Obama Aide Says Reparations ‘Top Priority’

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    Long absent from the national agenda, the issue of compensating African-Americans for their ancestors' time in servitude is poised to become a hot-button issue in President Obama's second term.

    According to key White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, the Obama administration will take a 'very serious look' at the issue of reparations over the next year, and hopes to offer the nation's 40 million African Americans a large cash payout in early 2014.

    Speaking candidly to Jet Magazine, Jarrett says that black Americans are entitled to receive the wages never paid to their ancestors and that the issue has become a 'top priority' within Obama's inner circle.

    "A lot of naive white and Latino people assume that Obama is in office to serve their interests," Jarrett admits,"But those of us who speak with the President every day know that his loyalties lie squarely and exclusively within our community."

    "We've been waiting 150 years for our 40 acres and a mule. And guess what? We demand to be paid - with interest."

    More Money, Less Problems

    According to the interview, a special White House task force has been established with the mission of determining the fair level of compensation and the best way to disburse the money.

    "So far we're leaning towards the neighborhood of $100,000 made in a one time cash payment," Jarrett explains.

    The total cost of such a program will be approximately $4 trillion dollars. But despite the high price tag, Jarrett says that the program will be paid for in full through new revenues.

    "It would be unfair to impose this burden on people whose ancestors never owned slaves or whose ancestors immigrated to this country after the Civil War," she argues, "Therefore we'll be placing a special tax on Southern whites to pay for this spending."

    "If you eat grits for breakfast, drink sweet tea, or have Jeff Foxworthy albums on cassette tape in your car - you'll be getting a bill from us. And If you know who Larry the Cable Guy is, you'll be facing an extra surcharge."

    Jarrett admits that in the likely event that Congress will refuse to act, President Obama will institute his reparations program through executive order.

    "We spent $5 trillion in the first term on Republican priorities like tax cuts for big business and bailing out their country club friends on Wall Street. We're not gonna let Congress stop us from spending another $4 trillion. After all, this time its for a good cause."

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    Descendants of Africans have already been getting "reparations" on the backs of tax payers for decades. With absolutely no end in sight.
  3. Not so fast buddy.
    If any reparations are due it's for stealing property, property rights and the dividends to the owners of the slaves.

    Furthermore you fuckwads owe the reparations for all the destruction and War Crimes committed by the Union forces.

    In addition to that the US govt still owes the Southern States for all the exploitation of the carpet bagger era.

    Starting to get the picture here?
    You folks owe us 100's times more than the silly 40 acres and a mule.

    As a matter of fact blacks have been and continue to be "paid" reparations through govt intervention, welfare programs and legal institutional advantages. yet they continue as a whole to be at the bottom of every Socio-economic success measure and top the negative impact measures.

  4. I smell another onion story, but what the hell you people are just that stupid.
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    LOL, his ancestors were slaves. Slaves don't generally get paid. That's the whole point of slavery isn't it?
    So IOW it's all about the Africans and fuck everyone else?

    Fuck you Jarrett and the mule you rode in on.

    That IS a nice round number. RCG could actually open a real trading account.

    Only $4T? A mere four more years of our current budget deficit. That is if we actually had a budget.
    Free handouts create new revenues? Why didn't someone think of this before. Lets just give $100,000 to everyone since it will pay for itself.

  6. You're a bundle of joy , Phoenix.
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    Awwwww..a satirical piece almost gave Lucrum a heart attack :p
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    IF you paid federal income taxes you'd be concerned about any such nonsense as well.
  9. 40 acres and a mule?


    40 acres homesteading in Alaska and an illegal immigrant.
  10. I hate all this talk about how Abraham Lincon freed the slaves.

    That's bullshit, polyester freed the slaves. People stopped wearing cotton so they had to let them go.
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