Obama agenda: Tax cuts, spending

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  1. NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- President-elect Barack Obama was set Monday to begin the push for a massive package of tax cuts and spending proposals aimed at reviving an economy mired in recession.

    This is the Bush policy, Supersized!

    First Obama and his "change" program keeps intact the Bush foreign policy including his Defense Secretary.
    Then Obama plans a tax cut and spending program that would make Bush proud.
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    Trickle down economics?
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    So, we're getting the best of both worlds now? Whats wrong with that?
  4. Obama is copying W bush's successful economic policies os spending and tax cuts during recession. He also appointed a noecon cabinet which is also bullish for stocks.
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    Oh, I think there will be taxes coming, like greenhouse:


    and gasoline


    And that's just for starters. There is no way in hell we get away with 2 years or more of a near fili proof left wing congress w/ a lib pres and walk away with lower taxes. Of course with all this record cold going on during the global warming crisis, maybe hell will freeze over.

    Oh yeah, and maybe even trade transaction taxes.

    They will find ways to tax us...some obvious, others not so obvious.
  6. Let me guess . . .

    Given your "tone" you'd be happier with the Fed raising rates and Obama increasing taxes during a massive Recession?

    I guess that would make TOTAL sense to someone with your kind of twisted "logic".

    Again, you are waaaay too funny!
    You should get your own show on the Comedy Channel or something.
    Wasting your "talent" on a place like ET doesn't make any sense!
  7. Given your "tone" you'd be happier and most likely less psychotic if Obama did what he actually said he would do.

    About 5% of all your posts have some type of know it all statement and than the rest of the material is based on pitiful insecure insults. Don't worry Landis, I am sure others would resort to your tactics if they crashed and burned as bad and as constant as you do.

    Your one step away from acting like a seven year old girl screaming, "I can't hear you I can't hear you blah blah blah!!!!"
  8. Please tell us all what it is that Obama said he would "do" in regards to tax cuts and an economic stimulus program that was centered around improving our countries infrastructure.

    Please be specific and include web-links as references to back up your claims.
    Also be mindful that the GDP in Q4 probably collapsed anywhere from 5-6%.
  9. Please tell me you knew Obama was going to raise the capital gains tax. Only an idiot that has been living in a cave for the last year would need documented proof that Obama was planning on doing that.

    You may or may not want higher capital gains taxes but a few months ago Obama said he was definitely raising them and now he isn't.

    Try not to flip out too bad with this little fact. I suggest some Xanax or a couple cold beers if this information is too difficult for you to grasp.
  10. In the campaign Obama kept saying McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time. Obama now has kept over 90% of the Bush policy in place.
    Obama in not a man of change. Too bad, because the Bush policy needed to be changed
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