obama admits he is a socialist

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obama is a socialist?

  1. yes

    20 vote(s)
  2. no

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  1. zdreg


  2. you forgot the option "bullshit". plus this subject isn't economics.
    Perhaps a propaganda threat might work better.
  3. you talk about socialism as if it is some kind of evil religion, and capitalism is the true God

    both have benefits and some problems if taken to extremes

    I'm an all or none kind of guy

    so it's hard for me to live in the middle

    because that requires thinking

    I like doing

    thinking just slows me down
  4. once you start spreading, you view the whole world that way. They will never write a book about you, because you are never 100% long at the right time. Capitalism vs Socialism, it is just a spread
  5. small minded reversion to the mean

    big minded, bet on the trend

    it's always two opposing views

    capitalism vs socialism

    no different than reversion vs trend
  6. I finally got to see Canadian Bacon with John Candy. Made in 1995 and
    for some strange reason its not even recognized by Netflix.

    If you want to know what the US has been doing since the Korean War,
    well its all in there.

    And its got all those really dangerous socialist Canuks figured out.

  7. gotta check that one out. I like John Candy, he's such a big just old innocent guy. Doesn't really have any evil trading bones in his body. He just wants to live a normal good life.
  8. I didn't see Communist or Spawn of Satan as options, so....

    And as for the results (currently 2:1 against) , the delusional population is known to be higher among traders, young adult males, and those who post to internet message boards, so no surprise there.
  9. don't forget women who do not trade or post on the internet, they can also be quite delusional
  10. deucy28


    "threat" ??? Must have been a Fraudian slip.

    The subject of socialism, like capitalism, is very much about economics

    Old time, you are soooo esoteric. But thought provoking.

    I prefer to see it as a political spectrum...

    liberalism on the left.................^^^^^^^^^^.............. conservatism on the right.

    In between is on the left a liberal (socialistic) capitalism (all be it a bastardized capitalism with constraints. That is POLITICAL constraints.) This dilutes incentives to work but done in the name of "fairness." Government taxes more in order to supplement the less successful, the lazy, and impaired. On the right is social conservatism; this dilutes incentives because it truncates rewards for work while done in the name of "fairness." Charities supplement the less successful, lazy, and impaired.

    The left promotes FAIRNESS by "leveling the playing field," they think, by taxing other people's income to support the less successful, lazy, and impaired.
    The right promotes incentives to work and entrepreneurialism that they think optimizes economic success which "rises the tide that lifts ALL boats."
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