Obama Admits he is a Muslim

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    This is a very recent interview from the show "This Week" I think this came out a night ago..

    He's fucked. Nobody wants to elect a U.S Muslim President at this time...

    This guy is going down.. I think this slip is the deal breaker for the end of Obama Nation..
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    Accept of course the radical liberals and "anybody but Bush" crowd.

    They'd elect Osama bin Laden if he was running.
  3. How does he get those big size 12's in that itty bitty mouth.

    The right wing bloggespher will now give the left some of their own cooking.
  4. Freudian slip

    verbal slips come from repressed desires
  5. That would be a shame if the public judges things on the basis of such trivialities since he's clearly the more qualified of the two candidates.
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    Putting a Muslim in the White House while we're at war with Muslim extremists is not what I would call trivial.

    You mean "clearly the more qualified of the two candidates" in YOUR opinion?

    Cause he's not the more qualified in mine.
  7. He should come clean about his Muslim faith. Its no shame, yes terrorists hijacked the religion but most muslims are fine individuals.

    Romney has no problems saying he is morman. BO should stand up for himself also.
  8. Obama needs himself some of Romney's magic under pants. That should save him.

  9. Gee, I wonder why they us?

    Just look at these irrational barbarins protesting our terror attacks on them. How DARE they!!

    We spread freedom and do our "god's" will, we are sane and rational.


    US air power triples deaths of Afghan civilians, says report

    Richard Norton-Taylor
    London Guardian
    Monday, Sept 8, 2008

    Civilian deaths in Afghanistan from US and Nato air strikes have nearly tripled over the past year, with the onslaught continuing in 2008 and fuelling a public backlash, a leading human rights group says today.

    The report by Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch says that despite changes in the rules of engagement which had reduced the rate of civilian casualties since a spike in July last year, air strikes killed at least 321 civilians in 2007, compared with at least 116 in 2006. In the first seven months of this year at least 540 Afghan civilians were killed in fighting related to the armed conflict, with at least 119 killed by US or Nato air strikes, such as this July's attack on a wedding party which killed 47, says Human Rights Watch.

    "There has been a massive and unprecedented surge in the use of air power in Afghanistan in 2008," the report says. It found that few civilians casualties were the result of planned air strikes on suspected Taliban targets. Instead, most were from air strikes during rapid response missions mostly carried out in support of "troops in contact" - ground troops under insurgent attack. Such strikes included situations where American special forces - normally small in number and lightly armed - came under insurgent attack.

    "In response to increased insurgent activity, twice as many tons of bombs were dropped in 2007 than in 2006," the report says. "In 2008, the pace has increased: in the months of June and July alone the US dropped approximately as much as it did in all of 2006. Without improvements in planning, intelligence, targeting, and identifying civilian populations, the massive use of air power in Afghanistan will continue to lead to unacceptably high civilian casualties."
  10. crackers, he just misspoke.
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