Obama administration will announce nationalization

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Mr Pain, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    Good evening,

    Mr Mortgage is stating “Chatter has it that the Obama administration will announce something big this weekend. Some think this ‘something’ is the nationalization of some of the nation’s most troubled financial institutions vs. letting them suck every penny thrown their way into their black liquidity trap holes. Some are saying that Obama will increase the size of the stimulus plan in addition to announcing TARP 2.”


    If this happens, how do you think the markets would react?

  2. Initially I think "the mkt" will love it and rally like hell, which is where we're going, and soon.
  3. W4rl0ck


    WTF does "chatter" mean?

    Should we go to orange alert? :)

  4. maybe obama will announce a huge tax break for traders
  5. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    Red I fear :eek:
  6. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    That would be my feeling as well. If it is true we will see a bounce but I don't think we are at the low point yet. If this is done but Brittan sinks under the waves at the same time, it may just be a wash
  7. Good news good news!!! That would be great if the banks are nationalized.

    Nothing says success like a big government program with huge amounts of money.

    Why they always go into these things saying how this and that is needed and how it will help us and not talk about how they are going to find massive waste fraud and abuse is beyond me????

    The lawmakers in Washington are way over their heads and they don't even know it.

    Blame who you will on this mess but I firmly believe it all comes back to the government and their never ending 'tinkering' with the free market.
  8. NO....you should have already been at RED ALERT for many years now.......what more HINTS do you all need that we are getting the final act "ENDGAME" :eek:
  9. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    Think RTC II. I am certainly not happy about this but I don’t see how you can blame the poor SOBs in the government for fooling all these Harvard MBAs into stupid financial deals. The business community in the world treated the economy exactly like Paulie and the boys treated that restaurant they partnered with in Good Fellows. They busted it out, stole it blind and when there was nothing left to steal they torched it. That is what these MBAs did to us all.
  10. Illum


    Does anyone think the government will try to restore confidence in equity?

    The first bailouts were very destructive, however the last one, C, they did try to save the common.

    I wonder if they try this again, or give up.

    Anyone have an opinion?
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