Obama Administration "Most Anti-Market" in U.S. History

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    You ain't seen nothing yet! If anything, the Obama administration has been incredibly pro market while the crisis ensued essentially keeping Wall Street and its biggest players solvent. As the crisis recedes watch out Wall St. !
  2. would you agree that some tougher regulation should eventually come out of this crisis to prevent it from happening again?
  3. market excesses? What's was wrong with the markets that Obama needs to fix? Accounting excesses are another story.
  4. have you been in a cave for the last year?
  5. Market excess are self-correcting (idiots are cleaned out).

    What I want to know is who is going to reign in GOVERNMENT EXCESSES?!!
  6. the Bama's grasp of basic economics is as slippery as a two year old's. But I don't think he's worse than FDR.
  7. I guess you want to blame the market for the accounting excesses. This is like blaming a mirror for what you see in it's reflection.
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    Certainly. Just requiring all financial instruments and transactions to be exchange traded on exchanges open to all and with anti trust enforcement in exchange ownership would eliminate most of the problems, but that is too much of a market based solution for this administration. The solutions this administration and congress will impose will likely not allow for a freer more transparent marketplace (currently one that is hostage to the secretive trading desks of the biggest players) but one that is far less efficient, less transparent, less liquid, and mired in red tape all at a substantial cost to the tax payer no doubt, not to mention the US economy and investors.
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