Obama administration is an abject failure?

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    Here's the answer for anyone following along.

    End of little Bush era: about 10.7 trillion national debt.
    Current national debt under the heathen Obama: about 16.7 trillion.

    Tell me more about what a great president the baby killing Obama is.
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    Rectum stopped beating his wife? Who knew?
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  3. The deficit will be lower when he received it when Obama leaves office so the next President wont have to accumulate so much debt from paying bills left by his predecessor.
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    LOL :D LOL
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    LOL. Compared to Obama's non-resume and hidden past Reagan has an incredible history.

    After graduation, Reagan landed a job as a radio sportscaster at WOC in Davenport, Iowa. Reagan became staff announcer and within two years transferred to WHO in Des Moines, Iowa, a powerful clear-channel NBC radio outlet. By 1936, he was earning a substantial salary with his recreations of Chicago Cubs baseball games and his sportscasts of Big Ten football.

    He took a screen test for Warner Brothers, and the studio immediately offered him a then-munificent $200-a-week contract. As a Hollywood movie actor from 1937 to 1957, Reagan appeared in 52 films. Reagan was a competent actor who pleased directors because he was punctual and quickly memorized his lines.

    Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, Reagan, who had been a member of the U.S. Army Cavalry Reserve since the 1930s, was called to active duty and commissioned a second lieutenant. His nearsightedness kept him out of combat, and he spent most of the next three years in the Army Air Corps First Motion Picture Unit. Reagan narrated training films for new recruits and appeared in several patriotic films designed to aid the war effort. Perhaps the most important of these was Rear Gunner (1943) made at the request of the Air Corps, which had a surfeit of pilots and a shortage of gunners.

    In 1954 Reagan was offered a unique contract by General Electric. The company hired him to narrate (and occasionally act) on its new program, General Electric Theater, which soon dominated the Sunday night television ratings.

    Reagan joined the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) in 1937, became a member of the union's board in 1941 and its president in 1947 and continued to serve on the board after stepping down from the presidency in 1954.

    He continued in the 1950s to campaign for Democratic candidates, including the liberal Helen Gahagan Douglas, who in 1950 lost a U.S. Senate race in California to Richard Nixon.

    Reagan's politics changed in the 1950s. Still an influential member of SAG—he resumed its presidency in 1959—Reagan and the SAG leadership continued to win better pay and benefits for actors. In partisan politics, however, Reagan identified more frequently with Republicans. He was a participant in the Democrats-for-Eisenhower campaigns in 1952 and 1956, which attracted many other Democrats.

    In 1945, his agent secured him a $1 million multi-year contract, more than $11 million in today's dollars, and Reagan became financially well off for the first time in his life in a day when marginal tax rates were the highest in U.S. history and individuals were not allowed to average their income.

    Reagan rolled to an overwhelming victory for Governor of California, winning by nearly a million votes and carrying 53 of the state's 58 counties. Four years later, Reagan won a second term. After early stumbles, Reagan became a largely successful governor.

    We know the rest.

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  6. Brother BSAM I was just trying to figure out the logic of Attorney/Law Professor not being real work but reading lines off a script is .
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    Just to clear the record...lest some be led astray.
    Ronald Reagan worked as a lifeguard for six summers saving 77 people from drowning.
    During college he washed dishes and worked as a lifeguard and swimming coach to help pay his way thru college.
    Later he was a radio sportscaster.
    Later he became the best president in the history of the United States Of America.
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  8. So he read lines off a script and commented on sports before entering politics,understood
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    Like I said...Work builds character.
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  10. Since you think washing dishes is work Obama did work at an ice cream shop brother BSAM
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