Obama administration is an abject failure?

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  1. The value of a dollar today isn't the same as it was in 1982.The value of a dollar changes,percentages don't
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    Obama still has one ardent supporter in the country! Go Obama!
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    Deficit Spending Per GDP by Administration

    <img src=http://www.heritage.org/federalbudget/charts/2012/budget-create-deficits-680.jpg width=340 height=270>
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    He's got at least 4 million more than your guy.
    Last time I checked he won.
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  5. Only one person on that list came into office with a trillion dollar deficit and the worst economy since the great depression
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  6. What can I say ? I like lower deficits,Bin Laden dead,healthcare for most Americans,troops out of Iraq,stock market gains,lower numbers of American deaths by terrorists etc
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    Obama early on signed into law spending caps which required equal cuts in (discretionary, of course) other federal programs where spending increases for a program were proposed.

    Do you honestly believe the CBO data re deficits and debt?
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    George Bush was handed the Clinton Recession which he turned into normal growth. Then the Democraps housing crisis finally blew up but Obama screwed up the economy instead of growing it.

    Here's where Obama has us heading.

    As Washington continues to spend dramatically more than it can afford, every American will be on the hook for increasing levels of debt. Without reining in spending, the amount of debt per citizen will skyrocket.

    <img src=http://www.heritage.org/federalbudget/charts/2012/national-debt-burden-680.jpg width=340 height=250>
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    Max E.

    When did you stop beating your wife?
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