Obama administration is an abject failure?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by maxpi, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    That you attribute this to obama shows that you dont understand the market, 2 weeks ago at the slightest hin bernanke might just ease off a little on qe the market got shit on for 10%, do you honestly believe obama's "pro business" policy making the market go up.
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  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    only if you attribute none of 2009 spending to him.
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  3. Ricter


    No, he didn't. It increased because of falling revenues and rising, non-discretionary, counter-cyclical spending.
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  4. joederp


    Done synthetically, and only made possible by the vast body of derivatives, the sub-surface part of the iceberg that conventional accounting doesn't suss out.
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  5. False.The current and future deficit is smaller then the trillion Bush left and the 400 billion Obama added to it in 09
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  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    Im not even going to bother showing you the breakdown of the 2009 budget again, ive done it like ten times and you refuse to accept it.

    Put everything aside for a second and Tell me something honestly, do you actually believe obama is a fiscal hawk?
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  7. Lucrum


    + 16.9 Trillion...
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  8. Your breakdown was wrong.Obama is not a fiscal hawk but he is more fiscally responsible then recent republican presidents

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  9. Lucrum


    Yes, yes it is.
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  10. Convert those percents into dollars and see the disaster Obama is.
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