Obama administration hints at prosecuting Romney for tax evasion

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  1. Obama aide hints at tax evasion in challenge to Romney to release records

    Robert Gibbs says 'nobody knows' if Republican presidential candidate broke the law and calls on him to release tax returns

    Robert Gibbs, the president's former spokesman and now a top campaign adviser, said on CNN that "nobody knows" whether Romney committed tax evasion after Vanity Fair reported that he kept parts of his multimillion dollar fortune in more than a dozen entities in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and Switzerland.

    The Obama campaign has not formally charged Romney with tax evasion, though surely waved a red flag over Romney’s financial reporting.


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  2. It is clear that Obama does not trust the Treasury department, The Internal Revenue dept and the Justice dept to do their job.

    I am sure Romney has been audited sometime in the last 5 years. Nothing was found wrong

    I guess Obama feels the people at the Huff post and The Daily show will do a better job of investigating Romney's tax forms then the IRS.

    This whole thing is pathetic.
  3. Is Gibbs saying that the experts at the IRS are incapable of determining whether or not Romney paid his taxes?
  4. In Chess, this is called a Gambit.

    The idea is not to pin down Mittens as a cheat. The idea is to get Mittens to release his returns. They smell blood.

    Mittens should accept the Gambit, release his returns and do damage control NOW.

    The Games are over the next two weeks, if he was smart, he would have done it today.
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    Romney should have released his returns months ago. Even if it shows multiple offshore accounts, the issue would have blown over by now. The only reason I can figure that he hasn't released them is that there is something in them that could create the appearance of illegality.

    Romney has Obama on the ropes right now with this "you didn't build that". He needs to release his returns now and get it over with. Whatever scandal is in there will blow over before election day. However, if he continues delaying it will get worse. Scandals that break after Labor Day continue to dog a candidate right up to the election. Get it out there now, Mitt, and get it over with.
  6. jem


    there is no issue.

    Obama is down big, right now and he is getting desperate.
    The only thing making it close is highly skewed polls in which dems are oversampled by 7 to 11 points. .
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    intrade did a good job calling the Supreme Ct decision huh?
    Its thin easily manipulated market.

    The 2010 election had a 35Rep 35 Dems breakdown
    If you use a sample like that Obama is down 5 to 10 points.
  9. so far obama has run a disastrous campain, what a difference 4 years makes.
  10. Your obsession with US politics is comical, I take it your country is sufficiently liberal that you have to advocate screwing up ours as well.

    Don't you have a country of your own?

    Perhaps you do have a country and others find it so insignificant that they don't even bother discussing it (even online).
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