Obama admin continues to thumb their nose at the law

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    Max E.

    I cant wait for 2013 to roll around, he has literally kicked the can down the road on every single piece of bad news he has been confronted with in his entire first term. Not only that this time, he is actually using our own money to pay the fines these companies are going to receive just so he can be re-elected.

    2013 will be a hell of a year for professional traders.



    For Obama and the left, the law is merely a suggestion for what they can do. Can't get something through Congress? Simply issue an executive order. Can't get an appointment through the Senate? Simply "declare" the Senate in recess and appoint away. Act now and let the judges sort it out later.

    For the past several weeks, several defense contractors made it clear they would have to send out layoff notices to thousands of workers due to automatic budget cuts set to take affect in January. The cuts are triggered by the debt ceiling "deal" hatched last year. The layoff notices are required under federal law.

    Understandably, the Obama Administration was panicked by this. The notices would hit in the last month of his reelection campaign and have a huge impact in the critical swing state of Virginia, home to hoards of defense contractors. What to do? Simple. Ignore the law.

    Yesterday, Lockheed Martin, a massive contractor, announced it had reached a "deal" with the White House and would not send out the legally required layoff notices. The Obama Administration had "interpreted" the law and found it would be "inappropriate" to send out the layoff notices.

    More amazingly, the White House promised to pay any fines or penalties that might be leveled against the company for violating federal law. Read that again.

    Yes, the White House just told companies to violate federal law and that, if they get in trouble for it, the government, i.e. taxpayers, will cover their fines.

    Let's remember, this federal law requiring the lay-off notices, the WARN Act, was passed in 1988 by a veto-proof Democrat Congress. It went into affect without President Reagan's signature. It was an urgent matter for Democrats, until, apparently, they didn't like the consequences of it.
    Nothing must interfere with Obama's reelection. Not even federal law.
  2. All hail King/Dictator Obama!!
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  4. I wonder who is advising Obama to do all this shit.

    Face it. Obama is dumb, he doesn't know "layoff law" someone told him "we can do this".

    Obama doesn't know he could call "executive priveldge" on Holder's comtempt charge. Someone advising Obama told him he could do this.

    Someone very well vesrsed in how the gov't runs and what he can get away with is advising Obama. Probably Bill Clinton, (or some big money- big money still not necessarily would know political law).

    I don't think Obama has any political friends in Congress.

    Obama made it all the way to President of US with no friends, get that? Who are his friends? no one zip nada, You know why, he is an arrogant prick. Obama hasn't made any new friends siince taking office.

    I'll tell you what, I'll go google who has visited the wh the most, probably some lame ass entertainer or movie star.

    Obama is too too dumb to pull this off. We need to know who is advising him.
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    And still stupid democrats will vote for him. It's like tipping the guy who is going to pull the rope on the guillotine that is going to cut your head off.
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    Joe 'Mad Dog' Biden. :D
  7. Obama was a constitutional law professor .Like many Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges he was President of the Harvard Law Review.One of the reasons Obama keeps kicking republicans asses is because of how much they underestimate him
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    ...while inebriated and severely impaired no doubt.
  9. Incredible, isn't it?

    They stick their heads into the sand and cheer Odumbo, regardless?

    What kind of election is THAT??

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    what did Obama do to earn the position of Con Law lecturer at a top school?
    what did he do to earn his status as editior of law review?

    now that Obamacare might get reviewed by the sup ct again... his BFD achievement may be struck down.
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